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S.Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) is promoting its FA-50 lighter fighter in Botswana, where it hopes to beat the Saab Gripen as a replacement for the Botswana Defence Force’s (BDF’s) CF-5 jets. Botswana’s Sunday Standard last week said it had been passed documents which show KAI’s proposal to the BDF. Titled “FA-50 for the Botswana Defence Force: The right choice for the future,” they are dated May 2017. 

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪f-50 KAI‬‏

 KAI, according to the Sunday Standard, claims the FA-50 is an affordable acquisition with a low operating cost compared to its competitors from European countries; has a proven weapons capability and would be ideal for training as it can perform both combat and training missions. Korean officials apparently said the FA-50 has life cycle costs that are a third of the Gripen.


 A Korean delegation met Botswanan defence minister Ramadeluka Seretse and other BDF officials to discuss the T-50 and FA-50 models in November 2013, with talk of Botswana acquiring 16 T-50s. In October 2015, President Ian Khama visited South Korea and a KAI headquarters. However, last year Botswana entered into talks with Sweden over the possible acquisition of second hand Gripen C/D jets.




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