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According to statements by the inspector of the Royal Navy of Morocco or Marine Royale, Rear Admiral Mustapha El Alami, the force intends to procure maritime patrol aircraft and anti-submarine helicopters..
Rear Admiral El Alami is due to join in 2018 the integration of new anti-submarine helicopters, or Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), as well as maritime patrol aircraft, or SURMAR (Maritime Surveillance). It is assumed that it refers to the implementation of the program, or it would be well advanced and it is now when it is made public. The Alami explains that this increase of Flotilles, (the Moroccans are organized according to the system of the French Aéronavale) , Will be the prelude to the birth of an air base. Marine Royale currently has only three Airbus Helicopters AS565Panther assigned to Flotille 11, delivered in 2002 on the Marignane assembly line, with standards very similar to those used by Marine Nationale de France.  

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