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The United States has donated nine Pitbull VX armored vehicles to Tunisia’s Tunisian Counter-Terrorism Brigade to combat terrorism and improve border security.

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Pitbull VX‬‏

The vehicles were handed over on 22 June. Tunisian Minister of Justice and acting Minister of the Interior Ghazi Jeribi said “these armoured vehicles will significantly contribute to the increase in the fighting capacity against terrorist groups in Tunisia.”

The Pitbull VXs will be operated by the Tunisian Counter-Terrorism Brigade, which reports to the Intervention Units General Directorate.

The Pitbull VX is built by Alpine Armouring and is based on the Ford F-550 chassis. Designed for SWAT teams, it is powered by a 6.7 litre Rod V8 developing 303 hp. The vehicle weights 7.5 tongs and can carry eight fully equipped SWAT members. Armour protection is to A9/B6+ level.

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