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The United States has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to Iraq of five Armed Bell 407GX helicopters configured with rocket launchers, machine guns and countermeasures for an estimated cost of $82.5 million.

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The Government of Iraq has requested to buy five Armed Bell 407GX helicopters configured with five M240 7.62mm Machine Guns. Also included are five RF-7850A Secure Communications Radios, five AN/AAR-60 MILDS Automatic Plume Detectors, five AN/ALE-47 Airborne Countermeasure Dispensing Systems, five M3P .50 Caliber Machine Guns, five M260 Rocket Launchers (APKWS Configuration), five MX-15Di EO/IR Sensors, five GAU-19 .50 Caliber Machine Guns, five Pathfinder Mission Management Systems and five ARES Weapon Management Systems.


Also included are five Mission Configurable Armament Systems (MCAS), night vision compatible lighting systems, aircraft intercommunications systems, cockpit and seat armor kits, and bifurcated exhaust infrared suppressor systems. The total estimated program cost is $82.5 million.

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