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Karachi Shipyard will build an indigenous Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) for the Pakistan Navy with help from Damen Shipyard of The Netherlands.

A contract to this effect was signed at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd yesterday by MD KS&EW Rear Admiral Hasan Nasir Shah, DMP Navy Cdre Shafqat Azad SI(M), and representatives of Damen (The Netherlands) in MoDP, Rawalpindi. Ambassador of Netherlands, Mrs. Jeannette Seppen was present on the occasion, a Pakistan government press release said.

The OPV will have a full load Displacement of 1900 Tons with a length of 90 meters and maximum speed of 22knots.

The vessel is suited for anti surface, anti air operations, maritime security, day & night helicopter operations, combat search and rescue besides and surveillance and intelligence Gathering, the release said.

In terms of weaponry, it contains main gun up to 76 mm on fore ship, Secondary guns, 2x 20 mm, medium range surveillance radar and fire control sensor. The vessel is fitted for required armament and sensors, and fitted with the necessary ammunition stores, data/electrical support systems.

While it is not specified if this is the vessel which will be built in Karachi, its specifications closely correspond to the craft for which the contract was entered into.




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