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Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said Friday that the country’s plan to replace its aging fleet of F-16 fighter aircraft will be announced soon, listing a number of manufacturers that could be in the running for a deal potentially worth billions of dollars.

Singapore’s fleet of around 60 F-16 jets are at the tail end of their service and Ng Eng Hen told reporters on June 29 that the decision will be made in few months.

“In the market you can only choose what is out there,” he added. “When air forces are choosing replacements, the usual suspects come up: Whether it’s the (European) Typhoons, F-35s, (Russian) Sukhois or Chinese-made stealth fighters.”

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪f-35 singapore‬‏

Singapore's F-16s first entered service in 1998. The country has typically used US-made aircraft in the past, making the F35s – a variant of which appeared at the city-state's airshow back in February – a likely successor.

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