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Belarus is carrying out modernization of the domestic Polonaise heavy multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to the level of Polonaise-M with a range of up to 300 km.

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In the development of the already achieved results, the ‘Zavod tochnoy elektromekhaniki’ (ZTEEM) (Precision Electromechanics Plant in English) enterprise in the established cooperation is carrying out modernization of the Polonaise MLRS to the level of Polonaise-M with a range of up to 300 km, the state military industrial committee of the Republic of Belarus said in a statement.

In recent years, three new types of Russian rocket missiles for the MLRS Grad have been adopted, with increased range and power of action at the target (122 mm long-range RS 9M521MB1 with an inseparable head part (head part from 9M28F, 9M521MB2 with a standard head unit 9M22U, 9M522MB with a detachable warhead from 9M53F), the firing range of the first and second types is 40 km, the third - 34 km. All three modifications significantly exceed the standard PC 9M22U in efficiency.


In the mid-2000s, at the peak of their financial capacity the Belarusian authorities decided about weapon upgrades. By then, the storage deadline for the tactical missile complex Tochka-U, inherited from the Soviet Union, had almost expired. Russia then refused to supply new tactical missile to Belarus, which prompted her to seek technical assistance in China.


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