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The transfer to the Bundeswehr of twenty factory-fresh military trucks in Munich marks the start of a new chapter in the history of German Army logistics. The Bundeswehr’s fleet will be steadily augmented by a total of up to 2,271 new trucks, which will gradually replace Germany’s trusty but aging Kat I mil gl vehicles.

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In summer 2017, BAAINBw awarded Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles a framework contract to supply the Bundeswehr with trucks from the HX2 family worth a total of €900 million. As a first step, an order was issued for 558 trucks, including special tools and training support

In Bundeswehr and BAAINBw parlance, the project is known as the “UTF (Ungeschützte Transportfahrzeuge) mil gl in den Zuladungsklassen 5t und 15t”, which means “unprotected transport vehicle, military/all-terrain load classes 5t and 15t”. It is true that these versatile, high-performance 6x6 and 8x8 trucks currently feature an unprotected driver’s cab. However, the powerful chassis is designed to enable subsequent replacement with a highly protected armoured cab, likewise made by Rheinmetall. As a result, these “Unprotected Vehicles” can be transformed into superbly protected vehicles at any time, which, despite the additional weight, remain as manoeuvrable and flexibly deployable as ever, while providing their crews with excellent protection when deployed in harm’s way.

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