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Defence Minister István Simicskó announced the defense and military forces development programe called Zrínyi 2026.

Zrínyi 2026 Program feature the reorganization of the system of voluntary reservists and the implementation of recruitment campaigns in this context, as well as the launch of the Defense Sports Association and the enhancement of defence education as a priority goal, as part of which they are planning to develop a kind of cadet system, he listed.

Among the plans regarding the development of Hungary’s defence capability, the Minister highlighted, inter alia, the reinforcement of the air force and the procurement of transport aircraft and helicopters. Mr Simicskó said they will embark on the largest defence forces development enterprise of the past twenty-five years. He further reiterated that salaries in the military will increase once again as of January, by 5 per cent on average. Additionally, the defence budget, too, will increase, he added, remarking: he would like the defence budget to GDP to reach 2 per cent already before the end of the ten-year program.

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