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Latvia has received Stinger air-defense systems from Denmark in scope of the bilateral agreement signed between Latvian and Danish defence ministries last year.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪denmark stinger launcher‬‏

Stinger air-defense systems include air defence missiles and their launch platforms. National Armed Forces will use Stinger systems for company-size air defence purposes. Stinger systems will protect combat units from aerial attacks by enemy air force.

Latvia will collaborate with NATO and other allied forces on operational, maintenance and train the trainer courses for the staff of the National Armed Forces to ensure smooth introduction of Stinger air-defence systems.

Latvian troops travelled to Finland this august to undergo Stinger operators’ training. While training, troops also developed Stinger operator training module based on courses provided in Finland. The new module will be implemented by the newly-created Air Force Training Centre of National Armed Forces. Necessary training equipment (simulators) will be delivered in 2019.

Maintenance of Stinger air-defence systems will be contracted to NATO Support and Procurement Agency. Maintenance contract will include regular missile testing to verify compliance with safety and combat/operational standards.

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