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The Romanian army is looking for new tanks equipped with a 120mm cannon, with which to replace the local models TR-85, developed from the Soviet model T-55, a veteran design of the forties of the last century.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪leopard-2‬‏

These statements have been collected by the TASS agency, which also points out that the Romanian army intends to replace its already obsolete models by the German design tanks Leopard 2A5.The souZarce also listed some requirements for the new MBTs needed for the Romanian army. "The [new] battle car must be armed with a 120 mm gun compatible with the standardization standards of NATO or STANAG (Standardize Agreement) and have the ability to fight both day and night. The vehicle will have state-of-the-art computer subsystems and a modern communications system. The MBT must be able to be manned by three or four people. "The Romanian army is estimated to buy some 60 MBT, including 54 of the conventional model to equip a battalion of tanks and 6 of the training version.

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