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Upgraded version Su-25 fighter, Su-25SM3 will be equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled target acquisition and sighting system to allow pilots to strike designated targets without their participation.

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The target acquisition system with artificial intelligence will be able to independently identify hostile targets, keep them in sight and guide missiles. The new technology has been integrated into the unified troop command and control system, which allows mapping an optimal route towards the target and the trajectory of using weapons.

Upgraded attack aircraft will also be able to receive data on targets from external sources through the command and control system. Another aircraft that will be getting a similar AI-enabled system is the Mi-28NM, the report stated.

When picking a target, the aircraft’s onboard information and control system automatically maps the most optimal route towards this target in compliance with the selected tactics… The system can also offer options for employing the weapon payload against such a target, the variants of tactical and air maneuvers with regard to this target," according to a military expert.

Besides, the attack aircraft equipped with this system can guide weapons using target acquisition from external sources, he added.

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