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Russia intends to equip its upgraded Su-25 ground attack jets with a device to deflect missiles launched from Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS).


Called Vitebsk, the new system will be installed on the Su-25SM3 ground attack planes, which are upgraded versions of the workhorse Su-25s. The Vitebsk system is said to ensure 100-percent protection against heat-seeking warheads of Stinger and Igla MANPADS.

It should be noted that in September 2015, Russian Air Force has upgraded the Syrian bound Su-25SM3 with 'Vitebsk-25". The former comprises KRET's -370-3S  RWR/RF Jammer and 'Active laser jammer' against heat seeking SAM's. Pictures of upgraded Su-25SM3 reveal UV sensors (1 forward 2X rear) but no evidence of DIRCM head.


תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪su-25 DIRCM‬‏

The system is currently available on all Russian Ka-52 helicopter gunships and Mil-8 rotorcraft currently deployed in Syria. It proved its reliability in October 2016 when a Mil-8 helicopter remained immune to an attack by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile, the report said.

With the Vitebsk system in place, the Su-25SM3 will be able to engage in dogfights in addition to its primary task of taking out targets on the ground.

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