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Rosoboronexport has revealed details of its Buk-M3 ‘Viking,’ the newest air defence missile system (ADMS) from Russia ahead of its international launch.


The multi-missile mobile medium-range air defence missile system ‘Viking’ is the next step in the development of the ‘Buk’ ADMS line. In comparison with the ‘Buk-M2E’ ADMS, its range of fire has increased nearly by 1.5 times – up to 65 kilometers. Besides, the number of simultaneously fired targets has also increased by 1.5 times, which is 6 by each self-propelled launching installation, and the number of ready-for-launch air defence guided missiles in one firing position made of two combat units has grown up from 8 to 18.




Image result for BUK-M3E


ADMS ‘Viking’ has unique features, previously unavailable in any air defence missile system. For instance, it has a capability of integrating launchers from the ‘Antei-2500’ ADMS, which provides for the capability of target engagement at a distance up to 130 kilometers and will boost the efficiency of the whole AD grouping in the fight against enemy’s pilot-controlled aviation.







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