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Russia’s United Aircraft (UAC) has announced plans to establish a new corporate centre that combines the operations of member companies Irkut and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC).

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The plan also includes setting up of a new civil aviation division on the basis of Irkut. The new plan is expected to help integrate the three companies into a unified corporate centre under a single united company.

The plan was disclosed after a board meeting held between the governing bodies of UAC, Irkut and SCAC. It is also a part of the corporate transformation programme decided by the UAC’s board of directors in December 2016.

UAC president Yury Slyusar said, “We are close to a situation where any project should involve all parts of the mechanism and the old structure is becoming less and less adequate to new challenges. According to the new plan, UAC president Yury Slyusar will continue to retain his current post during the transformation and become president of Irkut after the completion of the transformation.  Oleg Demchenko, who has been managing Irkut, will become the first vice-president and chief designer of Irkut.

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