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The head of the Swedish defense equipment agency) Joakim Lewin, has announced the end of talks with Washington to acquire new anti-aircraft systems. "Now we have finished the negotiation with the United States on the Patriot and now we are going to ask the Government for permission to sign the contract." The planned contract of this purchase to the manufacturer Raytheon -Lockheed Martin is also part of the group of suppliers involved- has an estimated value of around 10,000 million crowns, which is equivalent to just over 1,000 million euros.

If all the options foreseen in the agreement are executed, which includes the additional acquisition of 300 missiles, its final value will amount to around 3,000 million dollars, according to Lewin.

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪sweden patriot missile‬‏

If everything goes ahead, the first Patriot will arrive in Sweden in 2021, making the country the fifteenth in the world to have this defense shield in its arsenal. With it, Sweden will have executed its biggest military purchase since 2013, when the update of 60 Saab ST fighters for 47,000 million crowns started, about 4,600 million dollars at the current exchange rate.

The Swedish government announced last year its preference for the US anti-aircraft defense system Patriot over the SAMP / T developed by the Franco-Italian consortium Eurosam.

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