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 At a press conference in Bern, Ministry of Defence specialists reported on the flight and ground tests for a new fighter jet. The press conference marks the start of the trials, which begin this week in Payerne. The trials of the five candidate airplanes will take place until the end of June 2019.


 At the press conference on 8 April 2019, various specialists from the Ministry of Defence provided information on the in-flight and ground tests that are about to take place in Payerne. The delegate of the head of the DDPS for the renewal of the means of protection of the airspace, Christian Catrina, briefly presented the NKF (New Combat Aircraft) project, followed by the NKF project manager at armasuisse, Darko Savic.


Test program


 The tests include eight missions with specific tasks. Each mission is carried out with one or two fighter planes. The purpose of the missions is to check the capabilities of the aircraft as well as the data received. A flight will take place at night, but will end in any case before midnight. An introductory flight will take place before the flight and ground tests to allow foreign pilots to familiarize themselves with Swiss airspace. No test flight will take place on holidays or weekends.


 The candidates will be tested in alphabetical order, according to the name of the builders:

 -- Airbus, Germany, Eurofighter: Weeks 15 and 16

 -- Boeing, USA, F / A-18 Super Hornet: Weeks 17 and 18

 -- Dassault, France, Rafale: Weeks 20 and 21

 -- Lockheed Martin, USA, F-35A: Weeks 23 and 24

 -- Saab, Sweden, Gripen E: Weeks 25 and 26


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