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The British government has awarded a series of contracts to improve the defense systems of the Falkland Islands based on land. The country announced two years ago an increase in military expenditures destined to this South Atlantic territory by which it maintains tensions with Argentina.


 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪FLAADS FALKLAND‬‏

Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems won a contract for the construction of a command and control network for  90 million euros. The company is currently developing an Integrated Modular Air and Missile Defense System with the help of British firm Badcock, which should be ready by 2020.


The package of known contracts now also includes concessions to the European missile manufacturer MBDA and the reconnaissance radar supplier Saab. Infodefensa.com already informed in August 2015 about the order taken by London to acquire Giraffe AMB radars to the latter company with the aim of defending the Falklands. Saab then reported the order was valued about 64 million euros at today's exchange rate.


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