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Russia has accused the United States of copying its RPG-7 grenade launcher, calling it the PSRL-1 multipurpose grenade launcher and supplying it to the Ukrainian national guard.

PSRL-1 multipurpose grenade launchers handed over by Washington to Kiev and tested by the Ukrainian national guard for the first time were copied from the Russian grenade launcher RPG-7, a source in the Russian defense industry told TASS news agency on Saturday.

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪PSRL-1‬‏

"PSRL-1 grenade launchers tested by Ukraine are unlicensed copies of the Russian RPG-7 grenade launchers and were manufactured without full conformity to the production process. Thus, this specimen of weapons cannot supported stated characteristics in full scope," the source says.

The launcher lifetime is one of key characteristics of the grenade launcher, the source notes. "The RPG-7 launcher is designed for one thousand firings and can actually operate by 20-30% more. Certain doubts arise in respect of announced durability of the PSRL-1 because its launcher is made of lighter materials," he adds.

The source described the Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) fitted on the PSRL-1 as a “tribute to fashion”, stating that it is not possible to mount any sight on the grenade launcher because its attachment will be quickly broken down by strong recoil. The Ukrainian national guard informed on Saturday about tests of the PSRL-1 grenade launcher developed by the US-based AirTronics USA.

In December 2017, the Ukrainian defense trade company Spetstechnoexport announced that it worked with the American company AirTronic, based in Spring Branch, Texas, to supply PSRL-1 weapons systems to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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