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Ukraine is planning to liquidate scandal-hit defense firm Ukroboronprom and replace it with a state agency with broader powers, deputy chairman of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Sergei Krivonos has said.

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Ukroboronprom‬‏

A statement submitted to the country's unicameral parliament on April 24 revealed that the concern and its enterprises have become inefficient. This resulted in poor investment prospects, disruption of weapons supplies for the country’s armed forces and power abuse by some of its officials, reports TASS.


Two corruption scandals broke out following the release of successive videos by Bihus.info after the conclusion of an investigative project. The first broke out just three weeks ahead of the first round of the presidential election in Ukraine.


Thefirst one was dedicated to how Oleg Gladkovskyi, former President Petro Poroshenko’s business partner, allegedly laundered $9.2 million in defense procurements.


Investigation revealed that shadow schemes were used in the defense sphere, making it possible for the country's defense enterprises to charge an arm and a leg for supplying parts from Ukrainian military depots and some parts from Russia through rogue firms with participation of senior officials.

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