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PostHeaderIcon Hungary; UAV prototypes for Project ForceEi

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Hungarian HM EI Zrt and CURRUS Zrt firms have completed the second phase of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ForcEi project and presented the developments at the Veszprém-Ujmajor training area in early November.

The UAV ForcEi project commenced in 2007, the first phase of which saw HM El Zrt develop the Meteor 3MA jet-powered target drone to meet a Hungarian Armed Forces requirement. The Meteor 3MA, which is designed to be a target for man-portable air-defence systems, has completed testing and is now being introduced into service.

In 2011, CURRUS Zrt joined HM El Zrt to begin the second phase of the project, the goal of which is to develop two small reconnaissance UAV technology demonstrators - BORA and IKRAN - and a vehicle-based transport and control system, designated MRVP (Mozgo Repules Vezetesi Pont, or Mobile Flight Control Station).



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