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PostHeaderIcon Colombia; Hunter TR-12 awarded Meteor tender

News - Latin America

 It has been confirmed that the winner of the Meteor MRAP tender is the  Hunter TR-12 multitactical, Designed by International Armor . The same will be deployed from next month by units of the Ninth Brigade , attached to the Fifth Division - part of the department of Huila, south of this country.

The vehicle was purchased with funds from the Government of Hulia , and estimated values ​​and unconfirmed close to $ 300,000. The bidding process was the SGBLPCV007-September 12 this year, and advanced through the Department of Government and Development Regional Authority.

Furthermore, it has been known that the process for the acquisition of 16 new MRAP being conducted by the National Roads Institute INVIAS, as previously reported Infodefensa.com ( see news ), have been temporarily suspended for recommendations (not confirmed) of Agency Army Logistics .



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