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PostHeaderIcon Peru; Main Battle Tanks- new contestants emerge

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The Russian corporation Rosoboronexport has requested the Service Army War Material Peruvian end-use certificate for the entry of T-90S tank to the upcoming tender.  Although unconfirmed yet,  It wasd reported that the Dutch government will  offer ex-Army leopard-2 A6 to the contest.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands, the Leopard 2A6 tank, weighs 59.9 tons, thermal camera available for the commander and gunner, fire control system, fully electric, adjustable laser rangefinder, camera TV in the back of the armored driver monitor, integrated navigation system with GPS, 12-cylinder diesel engine and 1,100 kW, 120-mm cannon L55 two 7.62-mm machine guns, 12 jars launchers Smoke (6 on each side), capacity to reach 72 km / h on track. The Netherlands Army program is fully offset the Leopard 2A6 due to financial constraints, despite its strategic nature.

The T-90S weighs 46.5 tons, considerably less than the European tank, has a 12-cylinder diesel engine B-92C2 thousand horsepower, canyon 2A46M 125-mm stabilized in two axes and thermal sleeve, capacity to shoot seven rounds a minute and anti-tank missiles 9M119 Refleks with a range of 5000 meters, 6P7K coaxial machine gun 7.62-mm anti-aircraft machine gun 12.7-mm ammunition reloading system main automated 22 units ready, fire control system with manual override automated, optical system for the commander T01-K04, distance meter 1G46 gunner, gunner's thermal camera, anti-aircraft sight PZU-7 reactive armor on the base, option to equip the Shtora defensive system, ability to reach speeds of 60 km / h on track.

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