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PostHeaderIcon US Army; Two contenders gear up for GCV active protection

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 The US Army has made installing a “hard kill” active protection system (APS) on its Ground Combat Vehicle a key requirement.

BAE Systems and General Dynamics are the two companies left standing in the GCV competition. On May 29, General Dynamics announced that it had concluded a successful critical design review on its APS effort, and is planning to mount it on a LAV-3 III demonstrator this year.

On April 29, the manufacturer of the APS that BAE Systems is putting on its GCV issued a statement saying that its Iron Curtain system defeated every round shot at it in a US government test.

The Iron Curtain is mounted on top of the vehicle, and using C-band radar, detects the incoming round, tracking it until a sensor selects which countermeasure to fire once the target gets in close. From a rack installed along the top of the vehicle, the countermeasure fires straight down, detonating the rocket or missile.

In 2012, Artis also demonstrated the capability for the Pentagon’s Joint Program Office for Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected Vehicles.

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