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PostHeaderIcon Peru; Russian Uralvagonzavod offers converted T-55 fire support version

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Russian Uralvagonzavod Corporation has offered the Peruvian Army an interesting alternative conversion / modernization of T-55 tanks still in service with the South American country's ground force.


Among the options considered by the EP for the modernization of its armored component include replacing the T-55 modern tanks, with deals in the pipeline to acquire Leopard 2A4 tanks Spanish (stored), Dutch Leopard 2A6 (declarator surplus and available for sale) and T-90 Russian (new production), also manufactured and promoted by Uralvagonzavod. There are also proposals to modernize the T-55 made by Israeli companies and Industrial Developments Casanave local company, in partnership with the Ukrainian Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau.

 The proposal put forward by the Russian delegation during the past SITDEF Defence Expo 2013 held in the city of Lima, known for its simplicity and consists in replacing the original turret T-55 Combat Module tank fire support BMPT (podderzhki Mashina Boyevaya Tankov), which uses two 2A42 automatic cannon 30 mm, two grenade launchers with 300 30-mm ammunition each., four Ataka anti-tank missiles (ability to hit targets at ranges of up to five kilometers ) and 7.62-mm machine gun with shooting independent look, in fact every operator has a scope, which in the case of main armament includes a thermal camera, optical channel TV and panoramic camera to engage targets during day or night and adverse weather. Additionally equipped laser detector system.

The BMPT design, also called Terminator, use the same chassis as the T-72 tank, however Uralvagonzavod officials told the newspaper La República combat the module is also adaptable to the chassis of the T-55, which the Army Peru has about 250 units.

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