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PostHeaderIcon Chile; P-3 Orions life extension plans

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The Chilean Navy plans to extend the life and performance of its P-3A Orion maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

The program, which aims to extend the operational life of the P-3 until after 2030, including the change of the wings, engines modernization and integration of anti-ship missiles AGM-84 Harpoon U.S. manufacturer Raytheon.

Two of the three P-3 operated by Chile were currently undergoing major maintenance work and modernization in recent years in New Zealand. The works included the integration of a new tactical system that includes synthetic aperture radar EL / M 2022 A and ELINT / ECM suitemade by Israeli ELTA.

The Chilean navy received eight P-3A, surplus from the U.S., in the early nineties, and commissioned three devices as patrol aircraft, while a fourth plane of that type was designed to transport functions personnel.

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