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PostHeaderIcon Colombia; Interest in Rafael new MkII Zibar MRAP

News - Latin America

The MKII Zibar MRAP developed by Israeli Rafael has been demonstrated to the Colombian Army and Marine Corps, reportedly arousing great interest in its performance.

The Zibar is offered also as MRAP, with shields and helmets B6/B7 level design "V", allowing it to successfully withstand explosions MAP, UXO and IEDs, as well as impacts of 5,56 x45mm caliber ammunition and 7,62 x39mm.

This version has been developed for use in desert environments and for COIN type operations, thanks to 4x4, which provides great maneuverability in rough terrain, having the ability to carry up to six men, with their respective team-and also having weapons station in the middle of the vehicle to which it is accessed by a turret that can mount a machine gun Browning M-2HB-QCB 12.7 mm, or a machine gun U.S. Ordnance M-60 of 7 , 62 mm. Its wheels are of the "run flats" and has air conditioning.

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