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PostHeaderIcon Peru; Future main battle tank projects lags on despite criticism.

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Despite the obvious need of the Army of Peru (PE) to renew its Main Battle Tank fleet, it still does not clearly define the type of armored vehicles to suit its requirements. The Leopard 2A4 offered by Spain and German Leopard 2A6  have been disqualified  due to logistical complexities, while Chinese MBT-2000 discarded over reliability and maintainability issues. The current contenders are Ukranian T-84 Oplot, Russian T-90S or T-80 and a surprise offer from General Dynamics offering ex-Iraqi war M1A1 (upgraded) Abrams tanks. The Peruvian Army has invested considerable resources in upgrading its venerable T-55 fleet, converting most of the inventory into ATGM tank hunters.

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