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PostHeaderIcon Peru; Korean contender enters MBT competition

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Korean Hyundai Rotem has entered the Peru Army future tanks competition, offering  its latest K2 Black Panther .

With 55 tons of weight, length of 10.8 meters, width of 3.6 meters, height of 2.4 meters; undercarriage distance of 0.45 meters to the ground; smoothbore main gun 120-mm and 55 caliber (developed from Rheinmetall cannon of similar dimensions and automatically becomes its owner in the holder of the most powerful tank in the region) with ability to hit targets at distances of up to three kilometers on the ground and three miles against helicopters flying at low altitude; autoloader with 16 ammunition, isolated from the crew and a rate of fire of up to ten shots per minute. The Peruvian Army currently ranks about 250 T-55 tanks, purchased 40 years ago and whose only use now is the mobile artillery.

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