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PostHeaderIcon Libya; Army incepts Russian tank destroyers

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The Libyan Army has apparently received ten more 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S tank destroyers from Russia, adding to the four it received before the 2011 revolution broke out. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Russia delivered four 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S tank destroyers to Libya in 2010. Some of these were photographed being operated by Libyan rebels against pro-Gaddafi forces in 2011.

The Khrizantema-S is based on a modified BMP-3 chassis and features the 9M123/AT-15 Springer missile. The missile mounts are retracted into the chassis when not in use or when being automatically reloaded. The 9M123 missile can be either laser or radar guided and can carry a tandem HEAT or thermobaric warhead (9M123F). Guidance is through a roof-mounted millimetre wave radar or a laser designator mounted on the glacis plate. Range of the missile is approximately 6 km.

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