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PostHeaderIcon Colombia; Armored vehicles procurement programs summary

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Ministry of defence of Colombia has celebrated on December 6 the contract for the purchase of 13 new vehicles SAND which the Armed forces Logistics Agency signed with company PLASAN SASA LTD 13 MRAP acquisition Sand Cat (with capacity for eight uniformed) for the Colombian army and police, and in order be used during phase II of the National road safety program (PSCN).

Five of these systems will be destined to the direction of traffic and transport police and the remaining eight (with weapons station) to the army. Police vehicles were priced at $386.828 unit, while those of the army $430.491 per unit, being the total value of the contract of $ 5.378.068 

Colombia has also acquired this year eight new armoured LAV III of General Dynamics Land Systems, product of negotiations advance since April and that finally closed last month. New 8 x 8, will be equipped with the remote station weapons Rafael Advance Defense System Samson RCWS Mini, as well as the 24 already acquired in December 2012 for this country, models which seeks to equip its infantry mechanized units, within the processes of modernization that this nation of its armored means.

Also in relation to land vehicles, for mid-years they were tested in Israel and before a Committee of officers of the axisrquote and the Colombian police, Umi Gaia Thunder and Zibar MK-II, vehicles in the region of the Golán. The demonstration was conducted on roads paved, uncovered, abrupt and pending land, as well as obstacles and muddy terrain. These tests are right in the interest of the Colombian Government create and equip a mobile special operations group and allocate it to the surveillance and control of the main roads - and trunk - of the country.

Last Updated (Thursday, 02 January 2014 08:56)

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