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PostHeaderIcon Algeria; Army acquires Chinese artillery; evaluating Chinese UAVs

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The Algerian Army appears to have acquired self-propelled artillery from China and is evaluating Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as it continues to vastly expand its military forces.

The recent shipment appears to comprise 155 mm Norinco PLZ 45s self-propelled howitzers, developed for the export market in the 1990s and sold to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The weapon has a rate of five of two rounds per minute (sustained) or five rounds per minute (maximum) and a range of 24 to 39 km depending on ammunition. The gun is supported by a dedicated armored ammunition carrier/support vehicle.

Meanwhile, Algeria has reportedly been in discussions with China over the purchase of Xianglong unmanned aerial vehicles. The Xianglong (Soar Dragon) is a jet-powered High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) aircraft designed by the Guizhou Aircraft Corporation of China, initially for use by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. The Xianglong has a length of 14 metres, a height of 5 metres and a wingspan of 25 metres. It has a top speed of 750 km/h, endurance of up to 10 hours, and a maximum range of 7 000 km.

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