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203 Guarani 8x8 APC of the Brazilian Army have been upgraded with GCB Battlefield Manager systems. This solution, designed by the Systems Development Center (CDS) together with the Santa Maria Armored Training Center (CIBlnd) in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, allows the automatic localization of friendly troops, rapid coordination of Maneuvers in the field, integration with sensors installed in the armored and the ergonomic interface.


Integrated in the family of applications designed to support the use of armored vehicles, the FAC2FTEr (Family of Command and Control Applications of the Ground Force), or GCB, enables the formation of situational awareness, the synchronization of actions between the elements in operation , Narrowband data exchange, tracking of friendly forces and the transmission of relevant information associated with the use of the platform, such as vehicle speed, temperature, fuel level, possible propulsion failures, fire alerts or Entry into the CBRN environment.

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The GCB integrates the command and control system installed in the vehicle, or SISC2 VBTP, consisting of Harris Falcon III RF-7800V-V511 VHF radios with integrated GPS, and the Thales SOTAS-IP digital intercom, vehicle interface module , The Elbit Systems COMET location unit and the Geocontrol CTM1-EB terminal.


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