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Air media from the three Brazilian Armed Forces will share the data link of the FAB
The Brazilian Army, has now been the turn of the Brazilian Navy's helicopters, subject to the test to be able to use the BR-1 Secure Communication System of the Brazilian Air Force. The so-called Brazilian Cryptographic Algorithm (CBA) was inserted into the UH-15 Super Cougar aircraft (of the First Anti-Submarine Helicopter Squadron / HS-1) and SH-16 Seahawk (of the Second General Helicopter Squadron / HU-2 ), Both of the Naval Aviation. The tests, on the ground and in flight and carried out in the 1st Wing of the FAB, in Brasilia, were carried out satisfactorily.
Specialists of the Communication and Data Link Cell (CCED), of the Command of Aerospace Operations (COMAE), provided technical coverage. They included the qualification of crews in safe communication between aircraft on land and in flight. There were also communications with the R-99 aircraft of the Guardian Squadron (2nd / 6th GAV) and with the Remote Data Link Station (DLRS) of Anápolis, Wing 2 of the FAB.
The next step is to integrate the UH-15 and SH-16 aircraft of the Brazilian Navy to the BR-1 Link. They operate from the Naval Air Base of São Pedro da Aldeia, northeast of Rio de Janeiro.




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