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The Chilean government is reviewing  three alternatives to replace the Fasat Charlie satellite. The options evaluated are to build another equal, one more advanced or two satellites. The objective is to maintain the presence of Chile in space.

In December of the year 2016, the Fasat Charlie completed its five years of life. The mission with which it was sent to the space was considered successful, since it allowed to Chile to operate of autonomous form in the space scope.

The satellite weighs about 130 kilos, orbits the Earth at about 620 kilometers and fulfills 180 tasks related to urban mapping, agriculture, land management, growth studies, etc. This also allowed the development of infrastructure and knowledge.

Throughout these five years the Fasat Charlie has captured 156,000 images, which translates into a spatial development milestone for Chile, being a tool of progress, since through the images it has delivered information in productive areas, geographical monitoring And the territory.


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