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The Colombian Armada has successfully intercepted and captured the a first of its kind  electric submarine used for drug trafficking.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪colombia; electric submarine drug‬‏

The submarine was located in the department of Chocó, very close to the border with Panama, where it was reportedly guarded by members of the insurgent ELN (National Liberation Army), who were repelled by the police during the operation.

According to the Colombian Navy (ARC), it is estimated that this ship was built in a period of five to six months at an approximate cost of 1,300,000 euros and prepared to carry up to four tons of cocaine.

The submarine is built in naval steel sheets, with navigation equipment such as radar, navigation camera, echo sounder and two engines powered by a bank of 100 batteries that do not generate any kind of gas. It also has tanks of compression and ballast, as well as four stabilizing fins to facilitate their navigation completely submerged, making detection notoriously difficult.


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