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Due to the fact that  the An-2 does not have enough range to fly from Russia to Cuba, the devices are disarmed and placed in containers for, that way, be transported by sea to its destination in the Caribbean. Once in Cuba, the planes are assembled and put into service.   

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪cuba an-2‬‏

The chief inspector of the National Company of Air Services, Ariel Ortega , explained that before being acquired aircraft, the place where they offered you go and technically revised, so that they comply with the requirements of the authorities of Cuba, in these cases.

the An-2 is not unknown in Cuba, which serves since the sixties of the last century. It is used by civil aviation as military both. The Defense and Revolutionary Air Anti Air Force ( DAAFAR ) maintained in service aircraft An-2 with the 151st Squadron of Transportation .


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