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The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress has approved an opinion giving the green light to the Convention on Military-Technical Cooperation with the Republic of Belarus, where 18 first-line MiG-29 fighter jets and 18 Su-25 jets were purchased for The Peruvian Air Force (FAP) in the second half of the 1990s. Two of these combat aircraft were lost in one accident.

The president of the parliamentary commission, Congressman Juan del Águila Cárdenas, has indicated that the opinion will be transferred to the consideration of the Congress Plenary for evaluation and eventual final approval.

The so-called Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Peru and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on Technical-Military Cooperation began to be negotiated in 2004 and was signed on 20 October 2011 in the city of Minsk, Belarus. The document was sent to the Peruvian Parliament only on 16 December 2015 for analysis and ratification. The agreement, already in the form of a bill with the number 308/2016-PE, was forwarded to the Committee on Foreign Affairs in October last year.

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