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The U.S. State Department approved just under $70 billion in foreign weapon orders in fiscal year 2018, as the Trump administration stepped up its focus on increasing defense sales abroad.

The $69.7 billion in potential sales, spread over 70 individual notifications, fell short of last year’s record figure, during which the Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of $75.9 billion. But domestic industry is unlikely to be bothered by the slightly lower total, as the number shows America’s dominance on the defense export market remains solid.

Geographically, Europe dominated, with 31 notifications for a potential $37.34 billion. The Gulf and Middle East region came in second with $22.12 billion over 23 notifications, followed by the Asia-Pacific region with $8.85 billion on 12 notifications. Mexico ($1.39 billion on three listings) and Canada (one listing for $140 million) round out the list.

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