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 US Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned Thursday, leading a chorus of protests at home and abroad after President Donald Trump ordered a complete troop pull-out from Syria and a significant withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Trump steadfastly defended his sudden push for retrenchment, vowing that the United States would no longer be the ‘policeman of the Middle East’ and saying the 2,000-strong US force in Syria was no longer needed as the Islamic State group had been defeated.

Mattis, a battle-hardened retired four-star general seen as a moderating force on the often impulsive president, made little attempt to hide his disagreements with Trump.

‘Because you have the right to have a secretary of defence whose views are better aligned with yours,’ Mattis said in a letter to Trump, ‘I believe it is right for me to step down from my position.’

Mattis hailed the coalition to defeat Islamic State as well as NATO, the nearly 70-year-old alliance between North America and Europe whose cost-effectiveness has been questioned by the businessman turned president.

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