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The Australian government has approved a project worth up to $1 billion over 13 years to improve the equipment used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The Integrated Soldier Systems project will deliver a range of equipment to the ADF to ensure it has the ability to meet emerging threats, be less detectable, less susceptible to enemy attacks and able to fight longer and more effectively in challenging conditions.

 תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪australia integrated Soldier Systems‬‏

The first tranche will deliver supplements to the basic equipment used by soldiers including body armour, helmets, hearing and eye protection and load carriage equipment; as well as field equipment including water purifiers, helmet torches, storage bags, cooking gear and sleeping bags.

The Department of Defence is currently investing up to $240 million between now and 2023, with the flexibility to update and change things as technology develops in the future.

In future, the project will continue to enhance the basic equipment used by soldiers, as well as looking at things like hand-held translators, portable UAS and ideas like exoskeletons or mule unmanned vehicles to help soldiers carry their equipment.


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