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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a commitment of $200 million to upgrade Nulka active missile decoy systems on existing ships.


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Nulka system would help defend Australia from the threat of anti-ship missiles that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft and land, Turnbull said.




The 20 year program will include a new launch system and supporting technology to enhance Nulka’s effectiveness and will ensure that it continues protecting Australian and allied fleets well into the future, BAE Systems said in a statement Friday.

It will also include installation of new launch systems on the Anzac frigates which are being upgraded at Henderson as part of the AUD $2 billion, six-year Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program, the company said.

BAE Systems is responsible for the design, development and integration of the Nulka anti-ship missile defense system on Royal Australian Navy ships.













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