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The official announcement that Rheinmetall secured the $5.2 billion LAND 400 Phase 2 contract, which will see the Australia’s ASLAV fleet replaced by over 200 Boxer CRVs, has been applauded by the Army.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪rheinmetall boxer‬‏

Much of the focus of the LAND 400 Phase 2 debate has centred around the benefits of establishing an industry and building the vehicles in Queensland or Victoria, crowding out the discussion of the Army's capability needs and the benefits of both the Boxer CRV and its competitor, the AMV35. 


Protection, lethality and mobility were the three main requirements tested, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull standing firm that Rheinmetall's vehicle was chosen "based on the capability of the vehicle both in terms of lethality and survivability".

Chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell said the announcement of the Boxer CRVs selection marked "a special day for the Army" and its future capabilities, and was welcome news after three years of rigorous testing.

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